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What are the overall benefits of mustard oil today from a consumer perspective

Author Name: Dishit Nathwani 

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Corn Oil

From the seeds of the mustard plant, we deduce the mustard oil and it is a very common ingredient in the Indian cuisine. Here, mustard oil is mostly used for cooking. What is a better way to satisfy the people than tend to their cuisine choices to deliver a satisfactory service? One cannot deny the ingrained involvement of food in our lives. Even if one is not a typical foodie, one has a certain favourite choice of cuisine. Indian food has always been the exotic choice of most people around the globe. It not only has a heightened influence in its original country but a high demand all around the whole world. The foreigners discover the beautiful tastes of the Indian cuisines and sought to experiment with them. The mustard oil has a very strong flavour and spicy foods demand the use of the same. 

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Besides the pungent aroma and the super smooth texture, apart from India too, in many other countries, such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, and so on, it is used in sautéing vegetables and other salad preparations. It is banned in the United States of America, Canada and Europe as a vegetable oil but still used as a skin treatment product supplement; massage oils, in various skin care products and what not! It comprises a chemical called allyl isothiocyanate that well cures pain in our body- being a good affecter on the pain receptors; it is widely used in desensitising painful conditions. Household remedies include very hot mustard oil massaging to instantly relieve one of muscle pain in any part of one’s body.

It is availed from the plat by a great deal of filtering and distillation procedures. It also decreases cancer cell growth, although mildly, and owing to the presence of a lot of mono saturated fatty acids, easy to be broken down by our body, it is very good for one’s heart health. Suppose one loves oily foods but excess oils might lead to cholesterol and then heart conditions, it is better to serve them spicy yet tasty as well as healthy food cooked in mustard oil for a lesser risk of fatty deposits in blood vessels and hence complex heart conditions.

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A great line or skin and hair care products use mustard oil supplies in great quantities. Not only products of companies, but mustard oil from Gulaboils can also be of great use as a household product if one is interested in doing away with commercialisation and wants to avail its benefits in the most natural way. Wax and mustard oil have a great combination cure for cracked skins at the ends of our body and prevents further wear and tear in the skin. Mustard oil can be mixed with a lot of other oils- corn oil, castor oil, coconut oil etcetera, to make one’s hair properly nourished and shiny. Top hair care companies use mustard oil in their conditioners, serums, hair oils, and what not!

Mustard oil promotes a great deal of hair growth as well as helps in preventing an early onset of wrinkly skin and fine lines on the face. It makes the skin shiny and helps in skin hydration for longer periods of time. Baby skin oils, skin butter, makeup products, serums, essential skin oils, toners, moisturisers and a lot of other skin care lines, implement mustard oils in a lot of their products. Mustard oil with implementation of various salts and minerals can also be used for teeth whitening purposes. 

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