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What you need to know before buying groundnut oil?

Author NameDishit Nathwani
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Refined Groundnut oil

Unrefined groundnut oil is not for cooking. It needs to be refined before it can be used in food preparation.

If you are planning to purchase the oil for your daily use, go for refined groundnut oil. Refined groundnut oil has a better  smell and taste when compared with unrefined one. Some people also prefer refined vegetable oils instead of refined animal fats because they strongly believe that refined vegetable oils are healthier.

Groundnut Oil vs Other Oils

Groundnut oil has high smoking point (about 210C) whereas other commonly used oils like sunflower, sesame, olive etc have lower smoking points (180C – 190C). So cooking at higher temperature will destroy these essential nutrients in the other oils

Refined Groundnut Oil 

It has a refined taste and mild nutty smell. The refined groundnut oil has a clear, golden yellow appearance with a mild flavor and pleasant aroma.. I strongly recommend refined over unrefined groundnut oil because refined groundnut oils have a much higher smoke point than their unrefined counterparts. This means that refined peanut oils are better suited for cooking at high temperatures whereas unrefined peanut oils should never be used as cooking fats as they will become rancid far too easily. In addition, refined peanut oil is virtually free from the unpleasant, sometimes downright awful-tasting compounds found in crude peanut oil along with many of its potentially healthy components that give it such great depth of flavor and aroma. By removing these impurities, refined peanut oil allows the true refined peanut flavors of the oil to come through.

Refined Groundnut Oil vs Semi Refined Groundnut Oil

Semi Refined Refined nut oils are refined groundnut oils with very low free fatty acids (0.1% max). The refined groundnut oils with less than 0.3% free fatty acids can be called refined, whereas others cannot be called refined and should rather be termed refined partially refined or semi refined groundnut oil.

The refining process here is exactly similar to that of regular refined groundnut oil except for the fact that extracted peanut oil is purified further in order to reduce its level of free fatty acids. As mentioned earlier, when too much free fatty acids remain in refined groundnut oil, it can make the oil go rancid during storage. This is why refined groundnut oils are always stored cold to prevent them from spoiling before their expiration date.

Refined Groundnut Oil vs Bleached Groundnut Oil

Bleaching of refined groundnut oil or any other refined vegetable oils for that matter does not have any significant effect on its smoke point or nutritional value. However, bleaching also purifies refined vegetable oils by removing undesirable odors and flavors along with some antioxidants that help delay oxidation of fats and therefore keeping the oil fresh for longer periods of time. Therefore, refined bleached peanut oil is just as healthy as regular refined groundnut oil except that it has a lighter color than refined groundnut oil.

Groundnut Oil Makes You Fat!

The refined groundnut oil or refined peanut oil is extracted from the refined peanuts only, whereas the refined palm oil is extracted from refined palm fruits. In both cases, there are no residues of solvents left in these refined oils. Therefore, except for the fact that refined groundnut oils or refined palm fruit oils may have been obtained from genetically modified plants (and these days a large percentage of refined vegetable oils come from genetically modified crops), they should be much healthier than regular cooking fats like butter and lard etc.

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