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10 Incredible Health benefits of Cottonseed Oil

Author NameDishit Nathwani

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Cottonseed oil is considered an essential cooking oil from ecological and health perspectives. It has been used as a cooking medium or directly applied on the skin to heal different diseases including cancer, heart related problems, digestive complications, depression, low concentration levels in children and much more. Cottonseed oil was once discarded but now it has grown into a major commodity because of its multiple uses.

1) Heart Related Benefits

Cottonseed oil occurs mostly in form which helps to reduce cholesterol levels without affecting Good cholesterol levels . acid decreases total cholesterol, triglycerides and increases level by increasing apolipoprotein A-1 levels. Cottonseed oil is considered to be a heart friendly cooking oil and recommended for people with elevated lipid profiles, chronic heart diseases and diabetic patients because it increases good cholesterol without changing the bad one. Cottonseed oil can be used in salad dressings, mayonnaise or directly on breads instead of butter to reduce cholesterol level from daily intake.

2) Cottonseed Oil For Cancer

Cottonseed oil has been found effective against both solid tumors and . Cotton seed extract has potent anticancer activities that include selective towards human carcinoma cell lines by inducing apoptosis via intrinsic mitochondrial pathway. Cottonseed extract also shows inhibitory action against new blood vessel formation and metastasis (cancer cells spreading to other parts of the body).

3) Cottonseed Oil For Weight Loss

Cottonseed oil is also used as a herbal remedy for weight loss because it’s high in oleic acid which helps reduce appetite. Oleic acid promotes satiety and lessens fatty food cravings. Cottonseed oil can be taken with meals so that you feel full and eat less than before, ultimately resulting in weight loss .

The protein content present in cotton seed oil also keeps you feeling satisfied for longer so that fat storage doesn’t occur. Cottonseed oil has been found useful against obesity-induced insulin resistance . It regulates synthesis of adiponectin hormone which improves insulin sensitivity and reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases such as Type II Diabetes and coronary heart disease. Cottonseed oil also reduces food intake and body weight by suppressing intestinal and hepatic farnesoid X receptor . regulates all these mechanisms to reduce obesity.

Glass bowl filled with coconut oil and half coconut with pieces isolated on white background

4) Cottonseed Oil For Skin Care

Cotton seed oil is used as a massage medium for the skin because it provides adequate moisture, nourishment and balance to dry or mature skin. Cottonseed oil can be used as hair conditioner as well as face wash to soothe acne-prone skin , remove excess oil from the facial skin and moisturize sensitive dry areas like elbows and knees. Cottonseed oil can be applied directly on psoriasis, dermatitis and other inflammatory lesions of the skin that shows symptom like redness, itching and rashes. Cottonseed oil also repairs skin damage due to overexposure of sun’s UV rays, pollution or free radical activity in the body . Cotton seed extract reduces oxidative stress by regenerating Vitamin E at cellular level which helps in improving skin texture and making it look younger and healthier. Cottonseed oil is also used in aromatherapy and different types of massage therapies because of its calming and relaxing effects on mind and muscles .

5) Cottonseed Oil For Reduce Cholesterol

Cottonseed oil has been found beneficial against elevated lipid profiles, chronic heart diseases and diabetic patients because it decreases LDL cholesterol levels without changing HDL cholesterol levels. Cottonseed oil is rich in oleic acid which increases the good cholesterol while decreasing the bad one. Cotton seed extract can be used in salad dressings, mayonnaise or directly on bread instead of butter to reduce cholesterol level from daily intake.

coconut and oil

6) Cottonseed Oil For Healthy Digestive System

Cottonseed oil also contains a substance called gossypol which helps in proper digestion . It acts as an efficient laxative because it stimulates peristalsis in intestinal muscles . Cottonseed oil alleviates constipation problems by softening stool for easy elimination without causing any side effects like abdominal cramps, bloating or diarrhea. Cotton seed oil is used in the preparation of different herbal formulations for promoting healthy bowel movement in infants and toddlers too. Cottonseed oil also enhances nutrient absorption by protecting mucosal cell membrane of small intestine . Cottonseed oil contains vitamins like vitamin K, C and A which are responsible for cellular health inside the intestinal tract.

7) Cottonseed Oil For Bone Health

Cotton seed oil has high calcium content so it is considered capable of maintaining bone health because calcium intake is necessary to build strong bones all through life . Cotton seed extract regulates proper deposition of calcium ions around the bone matrix which thus enhance bone density. Cottonseed oil can be taken with milk or other dietary supplements that contain calcium because its affinity towards minerals helps better absorption into blood stream.

8) Cottonseed Oil For Healthy Nails

Cottonseed oil is capable of promoting keratin production in the nails which thus makes them strong and shiny. Cotton seed extract maintains nail health by providing required nutrients, moisture and lubrication to prevent their early breakage. Cottonseed oil also reduces the chance of fungal infection in nails because it has antifungal properties . Cottonseed oil strengthens and repairs brittle and damaged fingernails when applied topically. Cottonseed oil contains essential fatty acids like linoleic acid which nourish cuticle layer around the nails and keep them hydrated for proper growth.

9) Cottonseed Oil For Menstrual Cycle

Cotton seed extract regulates hormonal imbalance that causes menstrual cramps pain during periods . Cotton seed extract also helps in proper flow of menstrual blood without causing any stomach upset or excess bleeding. Cotton seed oil is used to prepare herbal remedies for regulating the menstrual cycle in women . Cottonseed oil also provides relief from common symptoms like mood swings, bloating or irritability that take place before periods. Cottonseed oil alleviates premenstrual stress and depression by improving circulation around the pelvic area which thus enhances the mental health too. Cotton seed extract regulates proper timing of onset of periods by promoting hormonal stability . Cotton seed extract also treats Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) because it modulates estrogen levels in body to restore hormonal balance. Cotton seed oil contains anti-inflammatory properties which provide relief to irritated skin during periods . Cottonseed oil can be used in aromatherapy to uplift the mood and induce calmness during periods.

10) Cottonseed Oil Helps Control Weight

Cottonseed oil is low in saturated fat content so it prevents weight gain and promotes healthy metabolism . Cotton seed extract helps in proper utilization of ingested food and moderates appetite by satisfying hunger without adding extra calories. Cottonseed oil controls weight by balancing leptin level in body which regulates feelings of satiety or satisfaction after a meal . Cottonseeds are rich source of dietary fiber with zero cholesterol that makes them highly effective agents for weight loss management . Fiber slows down digestion rate and thus make person feel fuller for longer period of time.

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